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Waterworks Unlimited is owned and operated by Todd Anders, who has over 24 years experience in the business of making water beautiful. Todd is an award winning designer and installer and has a real passion for water. Waterworks Unlimited offers two different departments with one main goal of making your business or home a more desirable place with the captivating sights and sounds of water.

Our waterfeatures department specializes in waterwalls, fountains, rain curtains, bubble walls, bar tops, sculptures, entry fountains, firefeatures, and more. Waterworks Unlimited is a dealer for Blu world of water, Water Wonders, and H20 Walls Inc., the best names in waterwall and equipment manufacturing. We design, sell, and install water features all across the United States and abroad. We also repair and remodel existing waterfeatures in some markets.

Our pool and spa department specializes in custom design and installation of unique and individual pools and spas in Southern California and San Antonio, Texas.
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